Saturday, January 12, 2008

Voice of Ancient Rishis of Vedas

"Arise! Awake! Stop not till the goal is reached" - said Swami Vivekanand, an Indian philosopher and social reformer, whose birthday falls on 12th January. He was the Voice of the Ancient Rishis of the Vedas, speaking sweet works of love and toleration, as quoted by The Brooklyn Standard.

Here's the Profile of Swami Vivekanand with useful links.

Btw, have you set your goals or call them resolutions for 2008? Set them right away. However, here's tips on Setting Goals which may be helpful to all.

And here's the world's cheapest 'people's car' with a price tag of Rs.1.35 lac and ready to roll on Indian streets. You can read more on my Biz site here and watch for the Deal of the Month - of coz, the choice goes to Hyundai i10.

This draws my attention to a debate as I spotted on Times Now with an aggressive Suhel Seth encountering with Environmentalist Pauchuri, Suneeta Narain and others. Well, the environmentalist are seriously concerned with the Nano emitting pollution and congestion on roads. Suhel Seth thinks of development and so do I. However, it's a concern, indeed. Day has come when my milkman, laundry man, newspaper vendor, office peon, servant may come by Nano! What do you think? Where were the environmentalists when scooters, bikes, rickshaws and even maruti 800 rolled on the streets? Feel free to let your voice opine here to leave a comment. A good topic for 'Debate in classrooms' - The debate sure makes a child 'speak out' and build confidence to opine his voice.

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