Tuesday, January 22, 2008

Italian Book & Kids Counselling pages

As I worked on surfing the Italian websites, it is amazing to translate and get acquainted to a foreign language with the Google Translate tool. The reason being was, as an Official Blogger, I had to update the launch of the book Blood Brothers which got published in Italian language as "Fratelli de Sangue."

Well, writing, designing and updating is a process which goes simultaneously as a Journalist and web presence provides a lot of opportunities to get aware and updated.

In a round the clock schedule, here's the updated Counselling pages on Kidsfreesouls.com. I also present Kirandeep Kaur, a Counsellor to attend Counselling queries of many Parents, teachers and kids. I fail to reply to many counselling questions I receive by email. Now, this won't happen! There won't be missed out mails.

We see children and teenagers who are experiencing withdrawal problems like stammering, fear, anxiety, anger, shame, guilt, selfishness, attitude & behavior patterns, ego, inferiority complexes, attention deficit problems, hyper active, memory loss, etc. Even facing Social difficulties, friendship issues, stress, Drug and Alcohol problems, family Separation, late developmental problems, and learning inefficiency. There are even factors related to plus and minuses on the job that affect personality.

We cannot address the Counselling as setting up an Institute as I am involved in many other fields. But, I do hope, whatever our answers be, they may help the troubled minds. Here is the Counselling Page of Kirandeep along with her Bio and here's my Counselling page on Kidsfreesouls.com. We commit to excel and so we, commit to reply as time permits. Stay tuned.

- ilaxi patelEditor, www.kidsfreesouls.com
Newspaper for Kids with Resources for Parents and Teachers
Author of Guardian of Angels

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