Tuesday, January 22, 2008

Fitness & health tip by Sunita Williams

One of the most important things for kids to think about today is physical fitness and their health. They can't achieve if their health is not in good order. We have every ability to take care of it ourselves. This is your body, no matter, how taller, smaller, older, young you are. Physical fitness is very important in your lifestyle." said Sunita Williams during her last visit to Ahmedabad at a Felicitation function on 22nd September 2007.

Well, early influences plays lasting roles. Fitness becomes a way of life. But, there's mind over muscles. One got to decide to be fit and exercise. Joggers like their sports which requires less than an hour, running shoes and maybe open road. With a friend, it's always fun. The prescription for well being is simple: exercise, a feel good and feel fit factor. Jim Thorpe, excelled in a dozen sports and such people are blessed with many natural motor skills which perfectly match the sports they chose and an uncanny knack for learning quickly. It's here to Honing the Athletic skills. Honing the sports spirits too. Positive coaching begins at home. Parental role plays an important part to get children indulge into the game of sports to keep healthy.

Btw, here's the video you must have watched on Kidsfreesouls video Page earlier on child obesity in Canada. Here's to inspire and encourage children to 'keep fit, keep healthy'. Also find Sunita Williams more pics on the Nasa page on kidsfreesouls. Enjoy!

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