Saturday, January 12, 2008

Should we ban kids from Games till they're seven?

Should we ban kids from games till they're seven? The commercial ads exploit children with smarter games ending up to be dumber children, says the psychologists. Educational psychologist Jane Healy said research indicated that computer games fuelled the development of basic "flight or fight'' instincts rather than considered reasoning. Barbie, Bratz dolls and Penguin club have a number of Internet kid members. In Australia, a survey states, 49% children spare their free time using electronic devices such as TVs, iPods, mobile phones, computers and gaming devices. They have a healthy tech use. You can even read here on Google News on this.

Well, all I think is Change with the Change but Is Computing safe for Kids? One needs to follow the healthy computing rules too. Here's the article Is Computing safe for Kids to think over. And here's Games for Kids on Kidsfreesouls.

Btw, here is Jay's site with games and reviews. Enjoy.

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