Friday, February 01, 2008

Sally Anthony's 'So Long' & Kids on Social Networks Safer?

A video every American should see on You Tube below. A song by Sally Anthony and it portrays a Reality of the living condition under President Bush Government since last 8 years! After years, Bin Laden is not captured, Gas prices rising, House values going down, Insurance premiums going up, Health and public school system in shambles - a lot of things put into perspective.

Well, why go in debt for a war? The video gives chills and it's sad to see people victimized. Here's an article on Kidsfreesouls on War Terror. We need to follow the Action Call and spread for peace!

Btw, do your kids chat on Yahoo Messengers or the like? A recent study by Michele Ybarra, founder of Internet Solutions for Kids, a company that helps design safe Web sites for children finds, Social networking sites like My Space and Facebook are better than IM and chatrooms. Ybarra's team collected data on 1,588 children aged 10 to 15 years old. In a survey, the children were asked about their online experiences over the past year. Among these children, 15 percent said they had an unwanted sexual solicitation. Only one-fourth of these occurred on a social networking site.In addition, 33 percent said they were harassed online. About one-fourth of the incidents occurred on a social networking site.

Read more here on Washington Post. Parents and teachers need to guide the kids to adopt Technology gracefully and keep an open eye to their activities on the web. They need to follow the safety rules themselves and help the kids to follow safe surfing rules on the web. Communication with children is always interactive learning and finding better ways to make children follow safety tips. Here's Safe Teens website I thought you may find useful apart from the links you find in my earlier notes. And here's Email and Chat etiquettes tips on kidsfreesouls.

- ilaxi patel
Newspaper for Kids with Resources for Parents and Teachers
Author of Guardian of Angels

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