Wednesday, February 27, 2008

Popeye Cuisine

Love to eat Spinach? Hmm...the Indian food lovers would go for the Spinach Soup or the Palak-paneer veg dish! But if you are fond of the lovely variety dishes of Spinach, here's Popeye's Cuisine - Enjoy.

Popeye, the Sailor man has ever been my favorite and I do have the Desktop screensaver featuring Popeye. When my son was a kid, he never use to eat Spinach and the comic Book Sailor-man inspired a lot. Fondly, he was nicknamed as 'Popeye!'

Popeye, the Sailor with a journey since 1929 featured by King Features first in their daily 'Thimble Theatre' and since then, you can find the best ever Popeye comic strips in newspapers, television, radio, merchandise, comic books and a lot more. Popeye's 75th Anniversary was celebrated in 2004 as he remains the widely recognized and most lovable character. The U.S. Postal Service featured Popeye in its "American Comic Classics" collection of postage stamps issued to celebrate the 100th anniversary of the comic strip. The one-eyed sailor's home town, Chestor, Illinois helds picnic during the weekend after Labor day where all Popeye fans have a great get-to-gether fun.

Popeye has been the perfect Role Model. His motto 'Eat Spinach & beat the Evil' is cherished and liven up through the Popeye series and even today, I am sure, many parents would be saying to their kids, 'Eat your Spinach or Bluto will come....' Here's the wiki on Popeye and here's Cartoon Kids Page with all 5 Stars to the one eyed Sailor man best pick site on web - Enjoy!

- ilaxi patel
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