Thursday, February 07, 2008


As you explore Kidsfreesouls, here's a Quote that says a lot:

"Parents must be both slow and quick - slow to get angry and quick to love and forgive."

Think and Ponder. Let me have your thoughts on this as you go through the old Quotes Page here.

Btw, once I had a discussion with a friend on success and failures. I guess we learn less from success than we do from failure. Failures teach us wisdom and humility and these are the two treasures well worth obtaining.

And believe me, Believe in Yourself and the things you do! We have the power to control our lives and our family do mean a lot than anything above else in the world. And when I speak on family, it's more of closeness, trust and understanding. Many parents do have stress but it's child stress that needs to be focused too. Here's on
Parental Stress-Kids Stress. And here's my updated Health Blog on on Sugary Sweet Dizziness.

- ilaxi patel
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Author of : Guardian of Angels

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