Tuesday, February 19, 2008

Android & Apple's iphone

Google recently provided internal data to New York Times mentioning that Traffic poured in to Google more through Apple's iphone. Google shares a lot of love for the new age phone as even Google Founder Sergey Brin mentioned of using iphone for his personal use. The Google Maps on the iphone and the You Tube are the two best features with the mobi domains coming up to cash in more to Google adsense mobile ads. But than, the Google's own Android is much awaited to offer more features I hear and even Microsoft acquires Danger Inc. which offer handsets and best mobile experience.

Well, when I got to use the iphone, it's been a happy surfing Google which provide great search as well as checking on websites at leisure. I guess, this can be a best gift for a Valentine if your partner is a tech user and of coz, the iphone codes can now be cracked over here with the Apple's exclusive store offering all it's products including even the savvy mobile covers. But, ask me and I would look forward to get an Android - ahead to be with times as you can watch the video on You Tube on Kidsfreesouls.

Btw, here's MSN Contribute where you can log in to write and even blog the posts. You can find my article 'Emotional Switchboard which I posted last year.

- ilaxi patel
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