Sunday, February 24, 2008

Sidney Sheldon

Born on 17th February 1917, Sidney Sheldon left this world last year on 30th January, leaving a huge fan flow behind him. A crazy fan of Sid books, I have a collection of all his Books and even re-read when I am in a pensive mood.

Sidney Sheldon's first Book, The Naked Face was turned down by five different Publishers but finally, sold to William Morrow Company and it became a critical success which earned him Edgar Allan Poe Award! However, it was The Other Side of Midnight that made him a Best Selling Author. Sidney Sheldon's Novels are published in 51 languages in 180 countries. He always referred, "I try to write my books in such a way so the reader can't put them down" He use to dictate 50 pages a day, corrected next day and continued till he churned out a story with 1200-1500 pages with several re-writes.

Sands of Time is ever my fav read. However, here's some reviews on the Author Profile page.
Btw, you can find Guardian of Angels articles Translated to Romanian Language on the World of Parents ' - Romanian site. The links on kidsfreesouls main. For the English versions, you can find the same there. Enjoy.

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