Friday, February 29, 2008

Ban Plastics, Save Environment

Some time back, Kidsfreesouls had focused on the Ban of Plastics in Manali. Invention of Plastic dates back to 1860. A British scientist named Alexander Parks who called his invention ‘Parkesine’ discovered the Plastic in about 1860 when he was looking for a substitute for horns that were obtained from animals. He made it from cellulose and camphor which are natural materials obtained from plants. John Hyatt, an inventor from United States also discovered the same Plastic in 1868 when he was looking for substitute for ivory. Bakelite was the first plastic that was made from chemicals. It was invented by a Belgian chemist named Leo Backeland in the year 1907. This was the first artificial Plastic. Since years, Plastic has thus, become a major use.

You can find more on this topic Here on the Kidsfreesouls Search.

Well, we have a very concerned Question in our Earth Talk Q & A column.

Everybody says stop using plastic bags, but what about all the plastic, cellophane, cardboard and other materials used for packaging the food itself? What can we do to reduce how much of this unnecessary stuff comes wrapped around our food?
- Sunil Sreedharan, Mumbai, India

Read the answer in English and Spanish here on the Environment Pages. Yes, as Ed Doug Moss says, "Individuals have the power of their voices to pressure food makers to cut back on packaging. You can also try to persuade your elected officials to look into the feasibility of enacting “producer pays” laws in your community, city or state. And you can talk to co-workers, friends, relatives and others about the importance of buying in bulk and reducing waste." This reminds us of our social responsibilities and Citizen rights. It's time we adopt the Manali Hill Station Attitute to be eco-friendly, all states should go for a 'fine' for using or throwing Plastics. What's your say? Email us and email your concerned Questions too.

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