Wednesday, February 27, 2008

Toys go Digital, Toys go Green

Toys go Digital, Toys go Green but Do Kids go along? I read the headline and wondered, "Do our Kids play toys these days?" And even if they do play, what are the games? I asked a bunch of children and they all replied 'Computer games' with a mention of some indoor games like scrabble, chess or watching cartoon. For most of the Outdoor games, it's joining Coaching classes to play Badminton, Tennis or TT. It's a relief that 'LoL' or 'Rofl" is yet not known to many young students here!

However, one thing is sure. We are losing kids and the kids are missing their childhood! Well, check the Kids Page on Kidsfreesouls for Kids Games and More. Enjoy.

Well, Cyber Predators are luring the web esp. the Social Networking websites and places like Face Book, My Space, etc. The recent initiative is welcoming as teenagers who use the Internet could find themselves safer from sexual predators if the New York State Assembly approves legislation to ban sexual predators from social networking Web sites. With a more than 2-5 email ids, how this could be controlled remains to be seen.

I think, India needs to look more deep into the Safety rules surfing on the web. Not only children, even adults need to know the rules on the web and follow the safety online. Well, here's i-safe for Internet Safety Education.

Btw, Computers to match Human brains by 2020 - Check this link on Google News.

- ilaxi patel
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