Sunday, June 29, 2008

What's Your Identity?

One question that every parent or a teacher should ask herself, "Do the child have his own Identity?" Healthy Identities help children to know themselves better and reach the goal they want. Children reveal their identities as they make their own choice - choosing dress, colours, food, friends they associate with, activities they prefer, etc.

When children pick up activities in the class, teachers know the choice selection - some like drawing, some crafts or some kids prefer, reading. It is important to develop an emotional string with children and ask them questions on what they like - eg. games or drawing. You will find their reasons for choosing the activitiy. Listen to your child's ideas and support his choice without any judgement. Some children have complexes. Some are superior and some have inferiority complex. All needed is love and understanding. The child is not born with an Identity but the environment and especially, by observing, playing and working with others, older and younger than themselves, that they discover what they do and what they can do. It is a gradual process of embedding into the child, the cultural and moral, social values of parents' culture or influence and shaping by training offered by parents and teachers. Here's more you can find on Building Identitites on Scholastic and Kaboose and even through Kidsfreesouls Google Search here.

- ilaxi patel
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