Tuesday, June 24, 2008

Googolopoly and also Games for Kids

Have you played the game of Monopoly or Business? If you are a child and want to play games, here's Kidsfreesouls 'For Kids' where you can find links to games sites. However, if you are an adult and especially a techie, here's the wonder game 'Googolopoly' by Box.net. Phil, the Graphic designer has put all his efforts to present the game in a pdf file which you can download here.

This is a game where you can rule on the Internet even if you're not in Mountain view. The goal of the game is to use the Google Share and buy as many properties you want on the web without landing in the deadpool and losing stock. The Google monster gobbles up and gather all world's Information. The properties you can buy are You Tube, Yahoo, Microsoft to name a few!

Click for Kids to surf cool links to games sites. Enjoy.

- ilaxi patel
Editor, www.kidsfreesouls.com
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SinlessTouch said...

wow, that's a pretty cool adult games you have there. This would be great for our home party next week :) Great read by the way!