Thursday, June 19, 2008

Beatles n music

Are you a fan of Beatles Group? The Beatles ever been my fav among the Oldies and here's the day when Paul MacCartney was born - 18th June 1942. The Band ever been so lovable and entertaining - I like Ringo Starr the most and got me all stacked up Beatles Album in my Audio Music Library. Here's the Official Beatles site if you are interested to know more.

Remember the song 'Obladi Oblada, sung by Beatles...You can find the same here on You Tube. Here's the Official You Tube channel too. Btw, you are listening to the Beatles number on the main page background on Kidsfreesouls. 'Hey Jude (in Kidsfreesouls you tube), Imagine, Let it be, Hard day's night and many more songs are my favorites and I am sure you will love to listen too. The song Imagine by John Lennon features on Kidsfreesouls Peace Lesson.

Creative teachers adopt Music in classrooms and I have used songs as a medium to encourage children to learn and speak English with fun and learn singing. I am sure all the past students must be still humming 'Yellow submarine' and Music is the speech of the angels. And everything in our environment has an impact on the health. This means music too! NIEHS includes this sing-along musicals. These music activities are very educational and so much fun.You can find Free Kids Music downloads here to CD write. Even has great Children music Page where you can listen to the preview of the songs and later make your buying selections. Here's the Rockosaurus Rex review of Rock Rhymes and keep watching this space for more music reviews here.

Here's an unupdated Kidsfreesouls Artist Page. However, you can find here, Kidsfreesouls Song page and the Grammar songs too. Enjoy.

- ilaxi patel
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