Wednesday, June 11, 2008

Build Pillars of Character

A child came to me and said, 'Our school van is now going to charge more' and when I asked the reason, it was a stunning reply. He said, the petrol and diesel charges have risen and President Bush is all behind the world economy! Gosh, how come the fifth standard child think this? Now, children do listen sharp and they learn from their surroundings.

"Speech is silvern, silence is gold" Children are found to immitate and they imbibe the values instilled in them by their elders. The primary schooling are the most important years when a child is influenced by his surroundings, intelligence, sight and so on.

Children are so innocent that they blur out the smallest talks to teachers that they overhear at home or even report to parents whatever they came across in the classroom. They need to be guided in the right direction on how to, whom to, where to Talk - What and keep them focused to their own goals and activities. As the school begins, here's on setting goals and following Handwriting - right way to write. Also be sure on how to cope with Homework hassles as many schools burden kids with Homework and lot of activities to go.

Here's to Make your Kids Listen with tips to Build the Pillars of Character and steps to ethical behavior.

- ilaxi patel
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