Tuesday, June 10, 2008

Kiss - Keep it simple stupid!

After a summer break, Schools begin with excitement as well as anxiety and stress for many children and parents alike. The syllabus is started in many schools but there's no sign of text books availability in the market. While many children still have the difficulty in mastering reading skills, some teachers have completed first lessons and given homework which leaves the child completely confused. I guess the beginning should really go with a Google Group teacher's suggestion of an acronym, "KISS" - Keep it simply stupid. Teachers can adopt innovative ideas at the start of the school and make learning fun. Encourage reading habits on daily basis in the classroom and even at home. Even follow up with a para handwriting practice everyday. This will help weaker children to learn faster.

Children normally have the general learning difficulties. Some of them fail to read the lessons. Some kids learn by listening, some by visually learning like reading and writing from the board or books whereas some children like practical learning. It is here where teachers and parents need to help the child to learn the lessons and adjust to teaching. Some kids are fast learners whereas some are branded as slow snail learners. What is required is to identify their weaker areas and diagnose their learning disabilities to apply strategies to combat difficulties.

Moreover, talk to the child. As a parent, it's not only a responsibility but also more communication - with the child and with the teacher too. Share the feelings and help to develop emotional intelligence in the child. Ask for views and listen to feelings without comments. Positive flow will lead to more understanding and bringing out the best in the child. Create a genius in your Kid and Encourage reading too. (articles in GOA)

- ilaxi patel
Editor, www.kidsfreesouls.com
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