Monday, June 16, 2008

Henry Ford resource tools for classroom projects

Henry Ford founded the Ford Motor Company on 16th June. He created 'a car for the great multitude' and realised his vision with the invent of 'Ford T'. Be a part of the History as Henry Ford's innovation changed the face of US in the world.

Here's to be a part of celebrations at Henry Ford site. Find Resource tools for classroom Projects on Henry Ford - History, Lesson plans, Powerpoint projects and a lot more. Btw, this site is an individual, non-profit, educational organisation based in Michigan, US and in no way connected to the Fort Motor Company or the Ford Foundation. You can find more in detail on the Wiki here on Henry Ford.

Well, now that the schools have started and children are all set for the academic year, I am sure many of you must be following better reading and handwriting practices in the classroom and at home. Setting goal is also very important. I gave a sheet of stickers with blank space to write their goals and found the children enjoying on 'setting goals' - the very simple ones they wrote were, 'I will write neatly', 'I will read all my lessons before writing Ques-ans', 'I will be work hard to rank well', 'I will watch less tv', 'I will finish my homework and write neat', 'I will be more organised and not rely on my mom' - so many resolutions and their goal eventually was to rank well in the class, get more knowledge and be the best student.

Try this to bring about inner realisation with stickers for download and make a sticker sheet in the word doc or copy+paste from here in the word doc, make changes as you want and print the sheet. Here's more projects on the Kidsfreesouls Project Page.

- ilaxi patel
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