Friday, June 06, 2008

Aesops Fables at Swagat

Aesops Fables is the most widely read choice of kids. Remember the Fox and the Grapes, The Tortoise and the Hare and such tales that teach moral values to children? Stories do have the moral values and when we tell stories to children, oft we miss telling them to write a review. Children will not only learn how to write on their own but learn in process while they write the moral of the story. Here's to teach children on moral values with many stories.

Aesop was born on 4th June, a fantastic story-teller who lived in Greece. Aesop was a slave who lived mid-sixth century BC, in Ancient Greece.

The Town Mouse and the Country Mouse and The Dog in the Manger has been the favorite reads of the children at the Swagat Library. They are too fond of writing the book reviews of these Aesops fables as well as the Panchtantra. Well, if you are fond of the Aesops tales, sure you can find many more on the web on Kidsfreesouls fairyland Page - the tales are exclusive widgets by Laura Gibbs. You can find more on Aesop in the Wiki and the Pacific Link is widely surfed for the Aesops. You can listen to the audios here on this link too.

Enjoy the ageless and timeless wisdom of Aesop's fables - Get into the ocean of knowledge and dig in the hidden pearls and gems - Enjoy!

- ilaxi patel
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