Tuesday, June 03, 2008

Google Logos & Arthur Conan Doyle

Here's Arthur Conan Doyle's Birthday Logo by Google - 2006! Dennis Hwang, (Hwang Jeong-mok - a Graphic Artist designs the Google Logos that you see on the Google Homepage from time to time.

Btw, have you read Sherlock Holmes? Arthur Conan Doyle once made a declaration that would impact the rest of his life. He stated his belief in Spiritualism. Could it be? The man who created the ever-logical Sherlock Holmes believed in ghosts?

Some time ago, a Swagat child picked up Sherlock Holmes while trying to read some detective series. She had never heard the name of Arthur Conan Doyle nor Sherlock holmes. So, she was a bit confused whether these were the two different characters. Eventually, she came to know it was Arthur Conan Doyle who was the creator of Sherlock Holmes, the world's best known detective. Holmes's adventure has been so exciting and delighted readers to shake their witty brains to solve crimes by an amazing use of reason and observation. Doyle wrote a story in 1983 in which Holmes was killed. But public demand forced Doyle to bring Holmes back to life in another story. Critic Christopher Morley said of Holmes, "Perhaps no fiction character ever created has become so charmingly real to his readers."

22nd May 1859, Arthur Conan Doyle was born and left behind footprints on the sands of time - Sherlock Holmes. Most of us are excited to read the Detective stories while we studied in 8th Grade and above. The James Hadley chase and Agatha Christie has ever been the popular reads. It is almost a surprise that children here, have not even read a single book of James Hadley Chase or Agatha Christie - quite obvious Sherlock Holmes mystery is far away. May be exceptions but reading is almost on the backseat and kids need to be encouraged for reading. Though the print newspapers recently mentioned of children in summer time, are hooked to reading and pick up Harry Potter, Nancy Drew, many other books but well, I am not convinced whether these children are really reading or not. Ask a child to write a review and we know the answer (simple one ' I can't write the review'), ask a child to narrate and blah, there's an excuse. ( I know but I can't really tell!).

So well, if you have read books and really want to prove your point, send reviews to kidsfreesouls. I have yet to make the Children Book reviews pages and we will add your reviews here. Maybe this Book Log will help you find to quick post your reviews and even keep your own Book reads Log. Enjoy.

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