Tuesday, June 24, 2008

Survey on Teens Internet Use

A study of OTX, Global consumer Research and consulting firm, tapped in 750 teens in the age group of 13-17 years and surveyed about their Internet use. The study found that teens are spending an average of 11.5 hours online, doing everything from instant messaging and visiting social networking sites to shopping and listening to music, but dispels myths that this group wants to do everything online. When asked a series of “would you rather” questions, teens chose reality over virtual reality in many aspects of their lives. Given the choice, teens prefer :real friends (91%) to online friends (9%), date someone from school (87%) over someone from the Internet (13%), and shop in a store (82%) to shop online (18%). Interestingly however, teens would rather get their locker vandalized (63%) than their homepage (37%), and IM a friend (54%) over calling (46%). 71% wants the Information from the Internet whereas 29% want to get information from traditional media like TV, magazines, or newspapers.

It is understood, teens with computers in their bedrooms are heavy users 24% (15 + hours per week) and many of them spend more online. 46% spend on clothing and accessories, 41% music, 30% books, 27% Electronics and 20% on DVDs.

I wonder, what would be the trends in other countries than US. However, it is observed, most of the people are surfing their way to Information, social networks, engaging in forums, emailing/forwarding or chats. Children over here are more into playing computer games and online game sites lure them to outsmart others as parents too feel the pride to say, "my child knows computers and is on internet". Children are not aware of the copyright laws and they copy and use original contents for classroom projects without schools even hardly paying any attention to this. Teachers often give 'kudos' to who surfs the best and makes the best project! Those children who cannot access computers lag behind. Amidst this are forgotten the net etiquettes and safety measures. Here's some tips on Google Official Blog on Online Child Safety Initiatives.

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