Tuesday, October 30, 2007

English Grammar

Here's Kidsfreesouls Online Grammar Resource Page. Btw, I have added Online English Grammar and Reference Web - Syndicated to English4Today with contents for ready reference and download Free English Guides.

I hope the Grammar Fun section is useful to many parents and teachers as well. Do check this for additions from time to time. I get many a phone calls asking for my Stories with Grammar and Comprehension in a Book form like my book 'Guardian of Angels'. However, this is a slow but steady updates I make here in this section. So, keep checking in -all those who are interested.

I am sure, the English Grammar Section will be useful to even parents and teachers as the updates keep regular with the syndication with English4Today.

Btw, with Halloween on 31st October, here's the Word Search on Halloween for print. Enjoy!

- ilaxi patel
Editor, www.kidsfreesouls.com
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Author of Guardian of Angels

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