Friday, October 19, 2007

Adventure Rock by BBC

Children in cyber world creating imaginary places and spaces with their fondest activities is no new now with the already popular Club Penquin, Disney, spozgirl, Barbie and many more. However, with leisure time shifting more on virtual world, BBC has launched a Beta version of a new game for ten thousand children who will be sending their comments to the CBBC Message boards. Known as Adventure Rock, the kids are free to register, explore, create, interact and innovate - creating content like music, dance, drawing and animation. Set in a 3 D virtual landscape, children can express themselves and play games in a free cyber world. You can find the story of the Adventure Rock here. Further to this, a Conference for Virtual World for Children is set for May 2008 and the research findings will be focused thereby.

The KOL - Kids aol is yet another great site for children to explore. The so colorful place with loads of activities with even Homework help is so welcoming on cyber space. Well, you can find some great links for 'Games for kids' in Google space here on WEB. Btw, do you think kids exploring on the web is so safe? It needs parental guidance and safe surfing on web. Here are two sites for safety that might interest you - Online Guard and Web Safety for kids.

- ilaxi patel
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