Monday, October 01, 2007

Will Internet Over Power P M in classroom lessons

Will Internet Over Power Print Media and TV? Remains to be see - The Future! When I wrote this on Ajay Sanghani's site, the situation was too different but now we forsee tremendous changes on the web. You can find the post on Kidsfreesouls NYT pages now with a lesson follow up for teachers using the NYT news page at kidsfreesouls in classrooms. The RSS ruled the web and now, the Widgets are making a revolution! Even the Young school students learning Journalism are entering to bigger Newspapers with widget tech, I gather. Whatever, one can definitely see the Citizen Journalists reporting on the Television screen and so is the print media sorting for the citizen voice and even adopting the tech ways - The Google Ads in Print Media Newspaper is on way - a mileage for advertisers.

Well, you can find the New York Times news updated page here. The same is used in classrooms in Journalism and if you are not aware on how to use the Google Docs and spreadsheets in the class, check on the Ed Blog earlier post.

- ilaxi patel
Author : Guardian of Angels

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