Tuesday, October 09, 2007

Is Computing Safe for Kids?

Children and safety? Always a concern on the web. With the so rosy Social networking websites, most of the children are tend to hook here. However, if encouraged to write Blogs, they do learn to be more disciplined and responsible to the words they write. They improve their writing skills and enhance vocabulary too. A lot more goes with the Blog making. Well, October is a month set aside to focus on the importance of the newer technology and understand the importance of the role it plays in our lives. Every day is a new learning experience and as we drift on the web, learning is more gaining Computer literacy.

Computer Learning month has more spreading awareness and teaching technology, communication, building a world of freedom, understanding, knowing the current events, showing talents and above all, get to be tech savvy with the computer literacy.

You can find the Computing section on Kidsfreesouls.com - For the Computer Literacy, the NIE Tips can be helpful for learning Computers in the classroom. A host of activities for the whole month and sure, you have easy setting up the Blog, Google Pages, using G Docs, writing jokes, poems, and many more tips mentioned therein.

The concerns remain 'Is Computing safe for kids? but it always has a positive say with 'Learn and Teach with Times' - get the Smart Kids to adopt the right technology with the newly added 'Blogging' Article here that I just wrote yesterday. The past blog notes has a more on various Ed notes with mentions of tech too. Explore the Kids Blogs too! Enjoy!

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