Wednesday, October 03, 2007

Safe city, Just city

UN World Habitat Day - October 1. United Nations has designated the first Monday in October every year as World Habitat Day. It reflects on the state of human settlements and basic right to adequate shelter-for-all. It also intends to remind the world of its collective responsibility for the future of the human habitat. 'A safe city is a just city' - The theme is to spread awareness and encourage reflection on the mounting threats to urban safety and social justice as per the UN site. Urban crime and violence, forced eviction and insecurity as well as natural and human man made disasters are taking on the toll - a rise we see everyday with even the nuclear and the bio chemical weapons turning our very environment to a disaster.

UN Habitat has designated the Dutch city of Haque to spearhead the 2007 Global celebration of the World Habitat Day. In India, a National level celebration is being organised by the Ministry in Delhi. An NHB Essay competition and painting competition of physically and visually challenged children is held which will add to bring about a difference.

October 1 also happens to be the T Ford Car rolling on the roads in the year 1908! You can check soon here on Ford Profile as I dig my print records for the article I wrote in Print media in 97. Till then, enjoy and get to my Biz site if you looking for Cars to buy;-)

- ilaxi patel
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