Tuesday, October 30, 2007

California burning....

California recently faced a major disaster. The news came in to my desk too sharp for me to notice the wildfires forcing 500,000 people to evacuate homes with over a 1300 homes destroyed and over an excess of $ one billion losses incurred. 15 fires blazed across on the fifth day when fire fighters said cooler temperatures and weaker winds allowed them to win a measure of control for the first time and that the worst was behind them.
As reported, Santa Ana fire was ignited due to machinery operated near dry brush, campfires or carelessly tossed cigarettes - a price which people have to pay for their own actions. You can find the five facts about California Wild fires over here on the Reuters website.

Even the world's oceans appear to be soaking up less carbon dioxide, new environmental research has shown, a development that could speed up global warming. Read more on this here.
Btw, I was real worried for my Bro, Uncle and friends who stay in California but it's a relief to know that the worst has not touched those areas. This is the time, when we realize the human values esp. some one who is close and I really feel bad for all those who were affected by the fire...it's a miserable state nevertheless. God Bless. Here's on California Fire Survivors with Gratitude.

Many of us took part on Blog Action Day and we realize how important it is for us to put our concerns to action with the Global warming. And here's Earth Talk Q & A related to Environment. Keep checking in for updates every week! Even on the Spanish Blog.

It is said, God made the heavens on earth but it is humans who made it a disaster!

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