Thursday, October 11, 2007

Environment concerns

Since more than five years, is associated with E-magazine column 'Earth Talk' - the Q & A column by Editor Doug Moss. So many concerns and issues related to environment that we need to reframe our life, back to basics if we really want to sustain life. However, life is ever on a faster trail with a no reverse gear but we can make a difference by creating awareness around us.

When I started blogging the Q & A column on Kidsfreesouls, every week has been topics of concerns from readers. Find the Concerns here and Just think for a while! What should be/can be done - what are the alternate ways - how to curb the problems...n more...Know the answers and spread awareness too. Maybe, while creating awareness, we even end up taking measures and find some solutions too.

Some concerned issues:

The Compact discs (CDs) and digital videodiscs (DVDs) have become the de facto standards for media storage and playback for millions of consumers and businesses around the world. But these very discs are made of metal, plastic and dye is taking a serious toll on the waste stream. According to the Worldwatch Institute, more than 45 tons of used CDs are discarded globally every month. Ironically, CDs and DVDs are made from recyclable materials, yet the vast majority ends up in landfills or incinerators anyway.

Paper usage is at an all-time high around the world, and the average office worker prints and copies through some 10,000 pages every year. Hopes that the advent of electronic communications would drastically cut paper consumption have not panned out thus far, but individuals can still do their part by replacing printed communications with electronic ones whenever possible. Find some tips here. Office Paper Reduction Quick Tips, California Integrated Waste Management Board

According to a report by the international environmental organization Greenpeace, the ecological damage from the 1990s Gulf War was “unprecedented.” More than two-dozen chemical, biological and possibly nuclear facilities were destroyed or badly damaged, dispersing airborne toxins over hundreds of surrounding miles. Bombing and troop movements ruined hundreds of square miles of fragile desert surface, while land mines killed and maimed not only humans but also many thousands of wild animals. Humans could suffer for decades to come from the effects of the use of weapons containing depleted uranium. Depleted uranium (DU) is a waste product of uranium enrichment for the production of nuclear fuel and weapons. An International Commission to Ban Uranium Weapons was formed in 2003 to try to convince military leaders to stop using DU.

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