Friday, October 26, 2007

State of Fear

Author Michael Crichton's Birthday was on 23rd Oct. Best known for Jurassic Park and State of Fear. Jurassic Park has ever been the all time favorites but State of Fear - call it a techno thriller with an alarm note on Global warming. A student of Harvard medical student, Michael Crichton wrote ER, the popular TV medical drama based on his experiences in the emergency room. People's magazine listed him in 50 people list as most Handsome person. In "State of Fear," environmental groups set off terrorist acts to focus attention on global warming. He thinks, researchers who study global warming often exaggerate the problem in order to get grants, often using celebrities to promote their cause. Quite Obvious!

People from all walks of life can play a role in slowing global warming by advocating for smarter government policies, better corporate practices, and informed consumer choices. This reminds me to mention on 'The Blog Action Day' marked for 15th October 2007 had a wonderful response with over 20,603 Blog Participation, 23,327 Blog Posts and over 14,631,038 RSS Readers. And here, Bloggers who united spread the message of Actions to be taken to save environment. Green allowed Al Gore to win the Nobel Prize. Celebrity Stars shine out to support the cause. However, this has been the Internet Power to speak for a cause. Only remains to see who follows the actions! Well, Here's the five year long Earth Talk on in English and Spanish - If you have any question to ask, just send across.

- ilaxi patel
Author of : Guardian of Angels

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