Thursday, November 01, 2007

Jackie Chan rocks

I was just watching VH1 and it's wow, Jackie Chan rocks! Yeah, I couldn't believe, the guy who kicks is all to rock with his singing in Hongkong last July! The worst part was he was drunk and disrupted the concert and the Hongkong audience just shove him off 'Go Jackie, out n over'. Well, Jackie sings and it's cool. You can check out his videos on

29th October had been the World Internet Day and I guess most of you must be prowling on the web to scoop information. And here, for me it was a pleasure speaking on Internet at a meeting on this day! Here's more on Tech Tree and also on old article on Dot com page here. Btw, Is Computing Safe for kids? Or Learn and Teach with times? You DECIDE!

Well, come Halloween Day on 31st and it's always, Mystyfying myths remain mysterious even though ultimate truths could be discovered using the human mind alone. Science has yet to reveal what caused them. Satanism, Blackmagic, tell tale, mythology and all, lead to beliefs of evil omens to exist on earth as Ghosts or demons or witches. It takes a fraction of a second to hear the sound ‘AUM’ at such times of spirit scare and take a walk outside the mind, moving from head to heart. We are all hung up in the head. One solution is get down from the head to the heart. Mysteries remain but problems disappear and evaporate leaving the trails of mysteries behind. Read More Here on Halloween Day . Also on All Saints Day and All Souls Day falling on 1st & 2nd November.

You can copy the widget to place on your site from the Halloween Day or get to Face Book and add my Developer Applications. Enjoy!

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