Friday, November 16, 2007

Global Warming!

Though the Bush administration has been slow to even admit that global warming is a serious issue, and has rejected the terms of the Kyoto Protocol (an international agreement calling on developed nations to curb greenhouse gas emissions), more than 30 U.S. states have passed legislation and/or formed regional coalitions on their own to promote energy efficiency and reduce the emissions that cause global warming.

Climate change and sea level rise present complex environment security risk all over the world. At this issue, India and China will be hit especially hard by climate change, and there is a possibility of a reversal of decades of human development across the Asia, a powerful coalition of aid and green groups has warned.

Measures to reduce greenhouse gas emissions is the need of the hour. Environment experts believe that people take in Climate changes as an abstract long term environment problem rather than an urgent threat. Also, the initiatives are taken but not part of a bigger movement. There is a lack of awareness on action or drive to be taken to make individual difference. Here's a site that shows what action we can take. A conference was held in Nederlands in February 2007 when our very own CEE Director, Kartikeya Sarabhai attended. (You got to use the Google Translate in case you find it hard to read!) Also, the Fourth International Conference on Environmental Education is held in Ahmedabad from 26th-28th November for a sustainable future. You can find the details on the CEE website. As such, all the Hotel rooms are packed over here, it seems!

Here's the update on Environment pages Q & A - Do send in your concerns, if any.

Well, today's the sixth day and Diwali celebrations are almost over for now. Here's the Diwali info in case you wish to read on this. However, we have 'Dev Diwali' yet to come our away in a few more days!

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