Monday, November 26, 2007

Cartoons in classroom

Harp Week, an electronic access to Harper's weekly, the 19th Century, 56 years of 'Journal of Civilization (1857-1912). And there's where you got to explore the Literature Cartoons esp. Shakespeare characters! Here's the link. Harp Week offers this free website as a public service. It provides a revealing glimpse into the nineteenth-century world of Thomas Nast and Harper’s Weekly, and the influence that William Shakespeare had on it.

Btw, it oft happens, we tend to ignore Cartoons while we read print newspapers and even children find it the message hard to understand! A lesson plan can help to create love for Cartoon viewing and knowing the message it means to convey. Also, children can get to know of the current affairs and this would make sense of the Editorial cartoons. Show two published cartoon clips and get them to analyze. They can jot down their noting and paste the cartoon clips in their scrap book. Even add more cartoons of their choice. I've taken up a class on this and children find 'amazing' to even discuss on the cartoon clips that appear in newspapers related to Politics and Leaders or in general.

You can find the Cartoon Section here of Sudhir Tailang's Cartoons used in Swagat along with other Cartoon Strips appearing in Times of India, DNA (page 2), Comics pages etc. You can even find Vikram Nandwani's Cartoon Blog space here with Interesting stuff.

You may look forward for more to appear on Cartoon Kids Resources. Meanwhile, here's the Literature Index I just made with yet to add more Resources in due course of time. You can also peek-a-boo to the Word Search on Thanksgiving Day and find the Word Sheet useful. The Space Exploration word search worksheets is added too as you explore the nasa-space and Have Fun Learning-surfing. Enjoy!

- ilaxi patel
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