Friday, November 16, 2007

Children's Day in India

Children's Day in India - 14th Nov and Chaha Nehru's Birth Anniversary.
Here's the profile of Chacha Nehru. You can find a book link and a chapter of the Book 'Nehru-The Making of India' by M J Akbar for whom, I blog as the Official Blogger on the web! He has indepth details on Nehru Biography and has even been the Spokesman for Rajiv Gandhi for some time during Rajiv Gandhi's tenure.

Nehru The Making of India By M J Akbar
Chapter from the Book

Btw, as Educators and psychologists, we often have the fear that students with Bad Behavior problems often end up lagging behind with lower grades in the classroom. However, a new research just reveals the result findings that this is not the case and such behavior do not correlate with academic results.

The findings says, Kindergartners who interrupted the teacher, defied instructions and even picked fights were performing as well in reading and math as well-behaved children of the same abilities when they both reached fifth grade. Moreover, 3-5 percent of school age children are found to be having the A.D.H.D. disorders and are affected due to brain deficit or delay in development.

You will find the NYT article here on this - a Kidsfreesouls link on Children's Day. I do come across children who are affected with the A.D.H.D. Syndrome and this link may be useful to some.

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