Monday, November 26, 2007


Hi! How often we begin saying 'Hi or just Hello' - Well, it's 35th Annual 'World Hello Day' - 21st November'. It began in response to the conflict between Egypt and Israel in the fall of 1973. Almost 180 countries observe this day all over the world now. Brian McCormack, a Ph.D. graduate of Arizona State University, and Michael McCormack, a graduate of Harvard University, work together to promote this annual global event.

કેમ છો? is Hello in Gujarati
कैसे हो ? is Hello in Hindi (try here at Google)
Bonjour (bohn-Zhoor) is hello in French
Jambo (JAM-bo) is hello in Swahili
Hola (OH-la) is hello in Spanish.
Ni hao (nee-Ha-OW) is hello in Chinese

Click on the Google Translate to find more on How to say 'Hello' in different languages. Children should be taught at least three languages and show them the different speech styles and phonic sounds along with the body language. It's Power of Voice that influence people. Ever noticed how do you SOUND???"HELLO"
Well, Greet ten people saying Hi or encourage kids to write-email Hello Cards to ten friends. See the Difference! Sometimes, just a word - makes a big difference! Even if the Hello Day is over, it's never too late to say 'Hi' to some one!

- ilaxi patel

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