Wednesday, November 14, 2007

Book Week

November 12-18 is Book Week. Kidsfreesouls has it's own unique Book Week sessions in November too. The difference is that children get to read more stories and narrate them. Later, they write the Book reviews. Since 1991, all kids who entered my Library have submitted their book reviews. There's always good competition among children while reading and submitting reviews as to who read and wrote the most books and reviews.

However, many younger children like to listen to a stories. Stories like Hansel and Gretel, Red Riding Hood, etc. that influence the child and they learn the Moral Values . Read the stories aloud to kids and also find the trouble shooting areas on their reading habits. Teachers/Parents may follow the Guidelines and use these stories for 'Project work' - Make them read, write reviews, know the moral and find what part they like best and why. Once a week, 52 times and you have a child reading at least 50 stories and writing 25 book reviews. Gradually, children develop interest in reading and writing.

Get to Swagat Children Library Page for further Book Reviews Hall of Fame List and members. Supportive to reading, conduct various activities mentioned therein.

You can find the Projects page here for November month projects on Reading and writing stories - In case you are a teacher or a parent and missed on this section. Enjoy!

Keep the faith!

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