Monday, November 26, 2007

Go Veg!

Thanksgiving Day - fourth Thursday in November. And we have un-ending days round the year like we have un-ending Festivals, all 365 days!

November month is almost coming to an end with a great Thanksgiving parade at the Macy's on 28th Nov. in NY city. You can find a good deal of info on the Balloon characters here on the wiki. And well, I got to know of the Macy's coz my cousin's been doing a great job there!

Well, we have a Thanksgiving day in a different way. Kids are taught to write 'Thank You' notes as a sign to show their courtesy and gratitude. This can also be a part of learning good social skills. Children can taught to be appreciate by writing Thank You notes to their friends, teachers or even to you or just anyone. Writing Thank You note is a habit and it is not learnt overnight. Such courtesies are ever formed more with an influence. Appreciate your child's work and say, 'How well you've done. Thank you for being a good child' - Sure, the child picks up the values. Kids learn to appreciate and even respect others.

Well, Gandhiji had been Mascot followed by Sadhu Vasvani (25th Non Vegetarian Day) for vegetarianism. He said, "Take food as medicine and not in order to gratify the palate. Eating non veg itself brings out evil thoughts in human minds who become violent and destructive. Kids in west marvel at Thanksgiving day celebrations and they smack their lips at many food dishes that were eaten at the first Thanksgiving like wild turkey, geese, ducks, deer, lobsters, clams, oysters and fish along with vegetables and pop corn. Even here, more Gen Y is towards eating Non Veg and it's becoming a fashion n style. A simple argument goes, "If all eat veg, there will be more need of food and people would starve'

This reminds of a proverb which is rightly said, "What you think, you cook and what you cook, you eat and what you eat, accordingly thoughts flash in your mind". So, Check it Out! After all, its your Life - Attitude makes a big Difference! Here's my Recipe for Life - enjoy!

- ilaxi patel
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