Saturday, December 01, 2007

Father's care may harm kid's & cookie-man sets bad example!

November month has come to an end with a great Thanksgiving parade at the Macy's on 28th Nov. in NY city. You can find a good deal of info on the Balloon characters here on the wiki.

Well, recently a survey says, 'Father's care may harm kid's intelligence'. Scientists at Bradford University in Britain looked at the early childcare experiences of over 6000 children born in the early 1990s who lived at least their early lives in a household with parents. They check on the evidence to suggest that boys who spent at least 15 hours a week in their fathers care as toddlers perform worse on academic assessments when they start going to school. Some fathers who take care of children are not as intelligent as mothers and this difference is almost likely to be found after the child passes his first birthday!

Do you agree? Let me know What you Think!

And here's a new video added my You Tube Vlog below. Seems the Sesame Street has ever been so popular but now, the Sesame street shows are just for the elders and not suitable for kids! The Cookie Monster has become a problem coz he encourages obesity and Alistair Cookie, used to smoke a pipe before dinner and this pose for modelling 'bad behavior'.

Btw, William Blake who was born in London lived most of his life with powerful Imagination. And as his birthday was on 28th November, here's the Profile re-designed in the Literature pages. Enjoy!
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