Wednesday, December 19, 2007

Parents and Media responsible

Parents are the ultimate teachers of the world to kids is the ultimate Opinion you find in Google News. They are more responsible in providing world information to children and guide them in every aspect from academic to choosing creativity or even getting informed on various topics. The media is also equally responsible as children are watching and reading.

The recent election in my town had a wonderful civic lesson to children who got aware of the Voting rights. The civic lesson do not end to academic and this extended beyond, as the awareness made parents talking to children on development issues and voting rights. The political party leaders waged a word war but awareness made the children asking, 'Whom will you vote - the BJP or the Congress' and to my surprise, all the Swagat Children excitedly spoke on the development of my state. They were not all concerned with the past dark events or the past riots held in the state but instead argued, since last election, we have no riots.

As such, media do make a hype on sensational news, pop, politics or crime and investigative stories. However, it's up to parents and educators to provide the right picture. Get them involved for debates and talk of concerned issues too. Parents need to take out time and so do the educators need to guide the students as they learn the academic lessons.

Well, 17th Dec has been the day for the first flight by the Wright brothers. A day when men first flew! Here is the White House Proclamation 'Wright Brothers Day'. Enjoy!

- ilaxi patel
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