Tuesday, December 11, 2007

Started in a Garage!

Making a Cartoon requires a person to be creative - a bit humorous, alert and a keen observer. Necessarily, a Cartoonist need not be an Artist but the feeling comes from within, just an idea and an imagination and one can do the tricks - Ask any kid!

Maybe, this is how we see the Walt Disney Characters so appealing and Walt Disney who was born on 5th December 1901, drew Mickey Mouse, the first cartoon which became ideal for animation. Walt Disney had first started his studio in a Garage - a so alike fact of Google founders who even opened its door at Menlo Park in a Garage!

Here's the profile of Walt Disney on the Cartoon Fun page. Even find the Snow White sheet for coloring from the Grammar Fun worksheet pages. You can also visit the Cartoon Factory and enter into the You can do it page and draw cartoons using numbers, letters and common every day shapes. This is much fun and I've tried a hand on this.
Kids Free Souls, get those pencils and use your whacky brains, stuff the funniest ideas and swing ahead to give the strokes of sheer joy to draw. Enjoy!
- ilaxi patel

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