Sunday, December 16, 2007

Authors Birth-dates

John Milton and Emily Dickinson are the two poets born in December. The Complete Poems of Emily Dickinson is one of the best picks in Swagat Library along with others. Emily wrote close to two-thousand poems, only seven were published during her lifetime. After Dickinson’s death her sister, Lavinia, discovered hundreds of poems in her room. Lavinia persuaded an editor and a family friend to publish the verses. “Poems” is the first published collection of her work, consisting of 125 short poems.

Here's the Profile of John Milton whose birthday I missed on 9th December and Emily Dickinson's Profile here and her Birthday falls on 10th December. Isn't this great to celebrate Birthdays of great Literature Characters? Well, check this out as you also find the updated Google news on the Kidsfreesouls-Google news pages. Enjoy!

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