Sunday, December 16, 2007

Games & Noise

Noise Pollution and are we concerned when we listen to music? Especially, children today get to listen to their ipods and are fond of the High School Musical Guitar. Toys are a craze with the kids as so are the video games that rock kids like the Guitar Hero III - Legends of the Rock for PC with a Jam session to 70 different songs.

Ipods and mp3s have potential for harm to kids. Constant listening to the rock n rhyme do injure the cells in longer run. High decibel sound is always damaging. Children are very sensitive to toys and other devices that emit loud and high pitch sounds or that rely on earphones. Research done by University of California reveals an alarming result with decibels and charts out High School Musical Rockerz Jammin Guitar to top the list with 106 decibels. This is followed by Cheetah Girls in Concert collection Doll, Hannah Montana and even Tickle Me Elmo which topped 100 decibels at full volume.

Well, it's more on parental influence and educating a child as to what is safe for them and what isn't. What needs supervising the child while at play and making them use products which are not potentially harmful. Too much love and too much pampering lead to too much offering - as such, children are apt to follow herd mentality and convince parents to buy the products what is in demand and what their friends play. However, safe monitoring and role playing helps children to select better toys and games.

Here's top ten games I listed earlier and games to choose for kids. Enjoy!

- ilaxi patel
Newspaper for kids with resources for parents and children
Author of : Guardian of Angels

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