Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Kidoz - For Setting Parenting Controls

KIDOZ is a Kid’s Browser for safe Kid’s Web Environment. KIDO’Z is now fluent in 17 languages in both User Interface and the Parental Control Account! With a Smart Content Engine, Kidoz filters content for your kid according to age, language, culture, nationality, gender, religion, and content popularity, just to name a few.

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Kidoz content can be hand-picked by parents and have options to allow all Kidoz content and then manually block content that you don't want your kid to access or block all content and then manually approve content that you do allow your kid to access. This ensures Safety and safe surfing.

As per their Blog, the KIDO’Z browser can easily be outlined :

UI -– simple, elegant and flawlessly usable for the user (that would be the child)
Discoverability -– A child could do it
Navigation –- One slight flaw, in that navigating back to “Home” has only one button
Aesthetics –- Beautiful and sweet, as any kid’s tool should be
User Experience -– Pointing and clicking to find cool and educational stuff is fun
User Value -– Only the highest quality content sites, though currently limited in number.
Safety and Security –- Nothing exists in the KIDO’Z matrix of browser sites that is not child-safe

Here is How to rate and review content in Kidsfreesouls You Tube.

Btw, the Top Ten websites for kids rated by KIDOZ are:

Fun Brain
Mickey Mouse
Hot Wheels
Poisson Rouge
Roary the Racing Car
Ben 10
PBS Kids

When we allow our kids to surf the web or log in from a school or club computer, it is safety measures of utmost importance. Sometimes, even we are found lost on web with sites. Setting parenting controls is necessary and even if you don't, follow the Palm Breeze Cafe's tips in Kidsfreesouls You Tube. It might help.

Search for 'safety tips for kids' and you find sites that have ample ways to lock sites for kids. Also follow the Email Etiquettes and Chatroom Etiquettes in Compu Kids section.

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