Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Ozone Day - 16th September

Gujarat Science City is observing the 'World Ozone Day' on 16th September 2009 on the theme 'Universal Participation:Ozone protection unifies the world.' The week long celebration began with 350 school children and communities undergoing ozone education and awareness programmes in association with Indian Chemistry Teacher's Association. An illustrative exhibition on the theme of Save our Sky, and a film show on Ozone Awareness will be shown to students to create awareness. Schools and college students are participating in the 'Good ozone and Bad ozone' quiz. Painting competition is also organized for students in the age group of 5 years to 16 years and puppet shows will entertain children. The Science city initiative will help to understand the importance of ozone layer and protect nature.

Read more about Ozone in Kidsfreesouls Environment page.

Btw, did you know that Gujarat is first in Asia and fourth in the world to set up a 'Climate Change' Department. You can look for details on this on the State Portal once the new revamped site goes live.

It is is predicted by 2030, the seas will rise by 150 to 300 mm endangering coastal town and cities around the world. The growing blanket of Carbon dioxide gas will become thicker and cause havoc. Our children need to learn on these issues that concern and our government need to act faster to 'Save Environment, save Nature' - not only merely by spreading awareness but also taking faster Action - How? And sure, the Environment and the new 'Climate Change' Department has action plan - And people need to understand, be aware and act. Schools can organize Environment Programs, interactive sessions, create worksheets and parents can help children to get to explore Resources and fun learn on Environment.

Here is Kidsfreesouls Resource guide to some sites on Environment learning and 'Green your School' Guide by Earth Day Network with Facilities, Food, Transportation, Recreation, Curricula and Classrooms. The site offers extensive research, teacher lesson plans and student action plans. Explore science-based and standards-aligned Lesson Plans for green schools.

Let's join to protect Ozone layer - way we can. Ozone protection unifies the world. Gujarat Ecology Commission can be contacted for further information on this.

- ilaxi patel
Newspaper for Kids
Author of Guardian of Angels

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