Wednesday, September 02, 2009

September events - Birthdays and celebrations!
With the social networking, it almost happen that people hang on these places missing the love of the web! For those who are with websites and blogs, its promotions and marketing that matter the most. Places like Facebook and LinkedIn are the sure fire way to stay tuned and promote your work. if you are more on the Search Engines, probably you realize, you get savvy knowing what's happenning for the whole month instead of waiting for some news to get you aware of.

Well, the month of September calls in for Events - events that flood in memories of September 11 or maybe, you find celebrating Google's 11th Birthday! And, of coz, M J Akbar's Blog Birthday which I started in September 28, 2004 and still going on...And September is a month when New York Times was first published! Here's copy image of 11th September on Lesson Terrorism page.

Google had an innovative celebration of its tenth Birthday with the theme 'May those who help the most Win' - calling for Ideas to change the world and make a Difference! It was the PC Magazine that got Google as Top 100 sites in 1998 when Blogger too, started. And, Larry and Sergey hire Craig Silverstein as their first employee on 21 September 1998; he’s a fellow computer science grad student at Stanford. More in the Google Timeline here.

Well, you can keep a track of all Events on Kidsfreesouls Calendar. As Teacher's day falls on 5th September in India, here's an exclusive Teachers Page with inputs by some of them. If you are a teacher and want to contribute, do send across your article related to your field and I will be happy to add there. You can even browse through the Projects for September and even if you are not a teacher, maybe the Project Ideas might be ideas to use in your field too. For eg. Heart Day falls in September, plan for Heart Day - organize a Youth walk, exercise day or just about anything to be aware of Heart issues and health guidance.

- ilaxi patel
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