Friday, September 04, 2009

I learn, you learn, we learn

Wishing all Teachers who pass this way, 'Happy Teachers day' -As Teacher's day falls on 5th September in India, here's an exclusive Teachers Page with inputs by some of them.

In India, Teacher's Day is celebrated in honour of Dr Sarvepalli Radhakrishnan, its second President and a noted educationist. Traditionally on this day, the responsibility of teaching is taken up by the senior students while the teachers get a much-deserved break from their duties. I am happy that Perin Aunty of Thumbelina Kindergarten School gets a 'Lifetime Achievement Award' by Eklavya Education Foundation who have been giving away Awards to Teachers since many years.

I feel, Parents too play the role of a teacher in the progress of a child. Helping a child to Grow gracefully, building Literacy, choosing books/games/ or just about everything that leads to chart their development. Education begins at home. And with today's tech age, Parents do need to change and be with the times. (article in Guardian of Angels) It is a challenging task for a teacher or a parent to educate the kids as they themselves need to keep pace with the Changing times. Information, Education and Entertainment themes on the computers can actually be a tool to be Aware, educate, inspire, motivate and encourage the teacher/parent as well as the pupil, together striving to climb the ladders to reach the successive goals.

However, it is important to keep break-free from temptation of social networking - for a teacher, parent as well as a student. Hanging on too long at these places tend to divert learning and goals. Every coin has two sides. These social networks or games websites have a positive and negative too. It is here to keep a vigil check on self as well as guide children for better surfing experience on the web with proper time management. Do not let Machines become a stumbling block for a child! Just connect them to the tools that can make learning creative, colloborative and powerful learning, seeking 'knowledge is power'

(watch the vide for 21st century learning by Jackie Hallaw (Teacher Hacks - More such videos on Kidsfreesouls You Tube)

Teachers, Parents and students require the well ‘Awareness’ programs to build the mental attitude in the right direction. In short, a curriculum should be adopted for both growth and modernization. Gear up kids for reading, writing, sports, debate and other curriculum as well as encourage them to adopt the tech in a constructive and creative manner.

Teachers are no more ‘fountainheads of learning’ but ‘facilitators of learning’ adopting the method ‘I learn, you learn, we learn’ system increasing the abilities of her learners in her care. The teacher would need to center the classroom on student questions and investigations with ‘You tell, I listen and I tell, you listen’ wise ways. So is - for Parents. Let the growing be together in progress with awareness and understanding and sure, we have children who would be teachers as parenting role one day.

Happy teaching....Wishing great wisdom every day!

- ilaxi patel
Author of Guardian of Angels

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