Sunday, September 06, 2009

Kids Health & Resources

Two Questions in Earth Talk column this week focus on major concerns i.e. Health of babies and Global warming (in China)

What are the pros and cons of feeding babies formula versus breast milk? And if I purchase formula, should I spend the extra money on the organic variety?

Has China been making any progress reducing its output of global warming gases, and/or in tackling other environmental problems?

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While you get to read more of the many concerns on the Environment column, here is a site that I thought might be too helpful to parents, kids and Teens on Children Health Issues and development.

Find more websites to surf in Resources column on Kidsfreesouls and also in links here.

Hope you enjoy your stay at Kidsfreesouls as you get more scoop on Children development as slow but steady, the site rolls down the ages as 'Kids Newspaper' and 'for Kids' - Keep the faith!

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