Friday, September 04, 2009

Happy Teacher's Day

Teachers and we all came across our mentors. Where did our time flew and where we headed for the future! We spent the best of our lives with our friends – all our childhood friends who played, shared, fought with us – who loved and cared for us and in years, they too grew up to bear the many responsibilities of being a ‘mother’ or a father and even into a profession of their choice. As we look back, we remember our alma mater, our very own teachers and memories make our day! They are the ones who played a major role in shaping our life.

And, as teachers, we realize what contributions we make to each child who walk in and out of our classrooms! All of us are yet living in a time zone of a tech age and techno savvy kids – the new generation who wants us to ‘Learn, Listen and Let go’ – Like I said, ‘I learn, you learn, we learn’ is the new mantra as we build in rays of hope, directions and lead to goals. We stumble at times, do make our moves with mistakes but almost we never give up!

As teachers, we have endless learning and endless exploring. We play our roles nurturing their lives at every stage of their Education levels. When we have children in Kindergarten, we end up showering love. When they grow up, we give them words. As we build their vocabulary, we encourage them and show them the way. Together, we build a world to explore and discover – discover the joys of learning and sharing. And there comes a time, when they are in their teens that we want them to learn the values and give them inspirations. They make a choice and their subjects matter as we hold their hand and teach them to be on their own! We suddenly realize, the child is grown up and soon leaves us in darkness to share the light with yet another kindergarten child!

Memories do not fade! Kids do. As they build their world, I am sure many of them remember you all their lifetime. I have experienced this and when they come and say, ‘Hi Mam, I am '….' I use be your student’ – fond memories bring in happiness in abundance. We almost remember every child as much as they do. Sometimes, we don’t recognize the grown up child but often remember the naughtiest silly act of him. As parents help the kids to grow gracefully, teachers have spent most of the time sharing their life. We pause when they leave our classes - These kids have taught us and changed our lives!


T - Thoughtful
E - Encouraging
A - Active
C - Creative
H - Helpful
E - Exciting
R - Ready to Teach

I remember some children gave me autographs with above message to cherish memories.

I think, we all can do one thing: Write down Reminiscences of the Teacher you liked the most and what he/she did teach us in life. This will create stories to inspire. Send across your piece and let this be a piece to honor a teacher's heart.

On Tech fronts, every day on the web is learning as we surf across many a blogs who polish our tech skills. Our teachers on the web! Here's also wishing Teacher's day to all who impart knowledge online as computing is learning with experience!

Happy Teacher's Day - Check in for Teacher's Day Page here. Also For Teachers and Grammar Fun Section, Projects and Resources to surf. Enjoy.

- ilaxi patel
Author of Guardian of Angels: A practical guide to Joyful Parenting

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