Sunday, June 07, 2009

Setting parenting controls

It is learnt 50% of New Zealand parents set parental controls of their children’s’ surfing. That compares to a global average of 33% and rating higher than those in Australia (34%), the US (32%), Italy (30%), China (27%), Sweden (22%) and Japan (18%). Only UK (54%) and Canadian parents (52%) set more controls on their family computers. (source In Google News)

Almost every child who is on computers or online is apt to seek out content that is not monitored by parents. Normally, children do not want poking by parents on their activities especially when it comes to playing games on computers or ending up to social networking, making friends and interacting.

Setting up parenting control is not the only solution. Parents and Teachers need to provide 'Safe Internet Lessons' and highlight kids on web lanes and on unsafe landings. Before kids begin their web journey, it is not necessary to keep a watchful eye all the time and check on the History or set controls. It is more to teach on 'How to' and set their time schedules too. Also, important is the Computer area - closed doors and friends is always snoopy and sneaky fun. Let them feel free to talk to you and encourage open exchange of views. There are similarities and differences on how we grew up and how are kids are growing up and experiencing life.

What is required is 'Safety' - Internet isn't a bad place but a there are a few places on it. Much like a community, we need to scratch off the few from our lives and help our kids to keep away from the bad and the worst. I was just listening to the part of the series of Palm Breeze Cafe, Lee Keller and Kim Cavanaugh talk about protecting your children and students in the online community. About understanding the Internet and setting the controls and all on looking at both sides of the cyber-bullying that is sweeping across the country. From victims to perpetrators, Lee and Kim look at what parents and teachers can do. Parents and teachers need to understand the 21st century communication and of course, understanding the Internet ideology and technology to use as a part of social life. Check this on Kidsfreesouls You Tube here and more on Social networking and kids which might interest you and keep kids safe on the web. Also here's on chat and email etiquettes and on Blogging.

Btw, Here is the Hon'ble CM Narendra Modi of Gujarat with the Distance Teachers' Training Programme for the Elementary school teachers through Satellite Technology on 8th June 2009 at 11.00 am (IST) through the BISAG Studio, Gandhinagar. Over 1,94,000 Teachers over 4000 receiving Centers are participating in the Interactive Training Program. From 8-17th June, Teachers will get to watch and listen to eminent scholars as well as academicians as well as interact with them. You may log to Gujarat India website (State website) or CMs website for live webcast.

- ilaxi patel
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