Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Let Kids Grow Gracefully

How to helps kids Grow Gracefully? Parenting & Teaching is an experience that provides opportunities to discover the child and shape their future. Parents play a major role in promoting physical, emotional, spiritual and intellectual well being of a child.

It is important to set the six ‘Universal Truths’ to Teach your children to avoid the embarrassing consequences as they struggle their way to face the challenges.

> Teach the child to Believe in God & Believe in the things he can do.
> Create a better Bond with children. Show acceptance, participate in child’s life, demonstrate love, appreciate them & above all, make them feel that you are a proud happy parent/teacher
> Insist on positive language; criticize action and not the child. Avoid sarcasm
> Let the child understand the values in life. Set limits; fulfill commitments to the extent of status levels so as not to let him fly high
> Let the child develop sense of knowledge, feel capable and disciplined.
> Teach the power of self-esteem to contribute to a child’s happiness and emotional well being.

( From: WHY KIDS LIE - FLY HIGH! (In Guardian of Angels : A Practical guide to Joyful Parenting)

- ilaxi patel
Editor, http://www.kidsfreesouls.com/
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