Saturday, July 11, 2009

Science is Fun, Maths is Rocking!!!

Science is Fun! Maths is rocking! English is loving and Geography is exploring! However, this is a Tech Age and children love to explore virtual games which is 'hot stuff' for many of them. Yesterday, I spotted a child at the Sports Club Library who was disappointed as the Internet lines were down. He could have opted to read a book rather than frown and so, I asked him to select some comics. Curtly he replied, "I love playing virtual games and reading is not my hobby." He talked of online games and what he explores.

Well, I never liked Science and Maths as a subject. However, this boy made me explore his world of games and I stepped to Zula World. ZulaWorld is an immersive virtual environment for students and their teachers - a place to play, explore, and discover the wonderful world of science and math through safe and challenging games, quests, and missions. Though some games and activities are free to all members, the exploratory “missions” and deeper levels of the educational games require a subscription. For a first timer, you need to have patience to log to the website but once you are in, the site has good graphics, great music, an interactive resource that defines scientific concepts using videos, and clever ideas for games.

Teachers and parents need to give their email consent prior to children becoming Aliens and virtually exploring the world with economy running on zlinklies - coins earned by playing games, answering science challenges, recycling and going on missions. By spending Zlinkles, kids can trick out their own spaceship, buy a pet and purchase additional accessories for their alien avatar.

For the Teachers who wish their students to explore at Zula World, topics such as Simple Machines, States of Matter, Force, Friction, and Habitats are just a few of the many topics which can be experienced in the classroom through Zula’s Exploration Missions kits and then strengthened through exploration in ZulaWorld. The Zula explorations are designed to reinforce and foster the development of students’ science, math, and critical thinking skills! Playing classic children's games like finding the differences between two pictures, matching shapes and playing memory games is always fun for kids but virtually playing at Zula is learning science and maths as well. Kids can even safely chat using a drop-down menu and make friends with others by simply asking. Use of emoticons help to show how they are feeling. A journal helps them to figure out all the things that are available to explore and their activities are reported to parents and teachers as well.

Btw, are you concerned, why children sort for Virtual Games and not Reading books these days? Do let me have your views on this. You may explore 'Games for Kids' and 'Games' section on Kidsfreesouls too. Find more such Resources on Links recommedations too. Enjoy.

- ilaxi patel
Newspaper for Kids
Author of 'Guardian of Angels: A practical guide to Joyful Parenting

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