Monday, July 13, 2009

Green Revolution - Earth Talk

Our children are growing up with what they get to eat with all the junk food that gets to obesity. Moreover, we have been hearing of the food mix and chemically grown products that may harm our health. Yet, there seems no choice as we eat what we get and we feed our kids, what we eat - quite naturally.

We are quite aware of 'Green Revolution' and Organic farming. Gujarat stands top with the Agri Growth rate and yet, we find sub-standard food reaching way to homes. Junk food is on top menu list and kids have soon learnt to eat the pizza, pasta and sandwich with all the sugary sweets and ice-creams.

Well, here is Earth Talk updates on Kidsfreesouls - a Question and Answer column in English and Spanish. Here are this week's questions that might be of interest:

1. What kind of job opportunities might be opened up by the new federal emphasis on green projects? - Dick Wetzler, St. Paul, MN

2. What effects do fertilizers, pesticides and herbicides used on residential lawns or on farms have on nearby water bodies like rivers, streams—or even the ocean for those of us who live near the shore? - Linda Reddington, Manahawkin, NJ

Click to kidsfreesouls and if you have any Environmental Question, do send to Earth Talk.

- ilaxi patel
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